About me

Erika Pellicci is an artist photographer and photo-editor born in Barga in 1992.

She completed her bachelor's degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence before pursuing her passion for photography and earning her master's degree in Photography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2020.

Erika's research focuses on the relationship between body and space, and she uses performative experiences as a testimony of reality.
She has exhibited nationally and internationally and currently resides in Berlin.

Her research aims to explore intimate and familiar relational patterns through the vulnerability of the present moment.


Solo exhibitions

2022, “Qui sempre. Qui Forse. Qui mai.”- POETICS, AESTHETICS, COMPOSITION, Hidden Gallery, curated by Filip Kartousek, Prague, Czech Republic


2020, “Nostos, Numero Uno”, curated by Transhumanza collective, Sardinia, Italy;

2019, “Nostos, Numero Zero”, curated by Transhumanza collective, Sardinia, Italy
2018, “La via della Cina”, curated by Filippo Maggia, Dryphoto Arte Contemporanea, Pecci Center, Prato, Italy

Group exhibitions

2023, “Summer love- Welcome to home”,
curated by Serena Becagli, Galleria Vannucci, Italy;

2022, “Project room”, curated by Galleria Vannucci, NH Collection, Torino, Italy;

2022, “Prague Photo Festival”, curated by Hidden Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic;

2022, “The Phair”, Photo Art fair, curated by Galleria Vannucci, Torino, Italy;

2022, “Art tracker”, Combat Prize curated by Elisa Muscatelli, Lucca, Italy
2022, “New talents 2021”, Kommunnale Galerie, curated by P.E.P., Berlin;

2022, “Presence”, PhMuseum, curated by PhMuseumLab, Bologna, Italy
2021, “Paesaggi Personali”, Galleria Vannucci, curated by Serena Becagli, Pistoia, Italy;

2021, Winner of the prize Art Tracker -Combat Prize , Spazio Arte Contemporanea Livorno (SAC), Livorno, Italy;

2021, “Presente imperfetto”, Premio Città di Treviglio 2020 finalist, curated by Sara Fontana, Milan, Italy;

2020, “Salvo imprevisti, tornerò domani”, La Portineria, curated by Matteo Innocenti, Florence, Italy
2020, “SEXXX&POP”, Fabbrica del Vapore, curated by Pier Giorgio Carizzoni, Milan, Italy;

2020, “Auto-Ritratto”, OnArtGallery, curated by Alberto Desirò, AD Gallery, Florence, Italy;

2019, “By the sea, we will breathe”, curated by Li Haixu, Lishui Photography Festival, Lishui, China;

2019, “By the sea, we will breathe”, Young Photographer by Pingyao International Photography Festival award winner, curated by Li Haixu, Pingyao Photo Festival 2019, Pingyao, China;

2019, “Movimenti Fermi”, curated by Laura De Marco and Davide Tranchina
2018, “La via della Cina : Il gioco dei gesti”, MACRO ASILO, curated by Filippo Maggia and Dryphoto;

2018, “Long Island Iced Tea”, White Night ABABO, curated by Erika Pellicci, Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, Italy;

2018, “La via della Cina : Il gioco dei gesti”, round table-video presentation, Pecci Center, Prato, curated by Filippo Maggia and Dryphoto Arte Contemporanea, Prato, Italy;

2017, “Fragile AD Gallery”, Chiasso Perduto, curated by Alberto Desirò, Florence, Italy;

2017, “The Stray Statue Paradox”, SACI Gallery Florence, curated by Gabriele Tosi, Florence, Italy;


2020, Artribune, “Video Ritratti d’Autore. Un incontro con Erika Pellicci”, Giulia Vannucci,


2022, View Publications, , curated by Barbara Guarducci
2020, “The BestSelected Book Vol. III”, curated by Vanni Pandolfi 2019, “The BestSelected Book Vol.II”, curated by Vanni Pandolfi
2019, “Marea II”, curated by the Bologna-based collective Zambrinskie 2018, “Giovanisì”, Interview

2018, “Plateform Magazine no. 112”
2017, “The BestSelected Book Vol.I”, curated by Vanni Pandolfi